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IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. is a product certification body which tests and inspects samples taken from the supplier's stock or from the market or a combination of both to verify compliance to the requirements of applicable codes and standards. This activity is coupled with periodic surveillance of the supplier's factory and warehouses as well as the assessment of the supplier's Quality Assurance System. This listing is subject to the conditions set forth in the characteristics below and is not to be construed as any recommendation, assurance or guarantee by IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. of the product acceptance by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

The most updated information on this Certificate of Listing is available online at pld.iapmo.org


Effective Date:
January 2015         -Rev. 12/30/2014-
Void After: January 2016
Product: Whirlpool/Air Jet Bathtubs 
File No. SP-1179
Factory-Assembled whirlpool or air jetted bathtubs, circulation systems, and suction fittings shall be marked with the Manufacturer's name or registered trademark, or in the case of private labeling, the name of the customer for whom the fixture or device was manufactured.
Markings shall be permanent, legible, and visible after installation.
Factory-assembled whirlpool or air jetted bathtubs shall have an adequately sized label that is affixed to a visible surface adjacent to the waste an overflow, is printed in 5 mm (2.0 in.) high letters of a contrasting color, and read as follows: "Bathtub shall be tested.  Fill the bathtub with water to overflow during rough inspection and inspect for leaks."
The product shall also bear the USPC® certification mark.
To be installed per the manufacturer's installation instructions and the requirements of the latest editions of the Uniform Spa and Pool Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Products listed on this certificate have been tested by an IAPMO R&T recognized laboratory. This recognition has been granted based upon the laboratory's compliance to the applicable requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
Products are in compliance with the following code(s):
Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code (USPC®)
International Plumbing Code (IPC®)
Products are in compliance with the following standard(s):
ASME A112.19.7-2012/CSA B45.10-12






6060 DL       6060 DLW

Aegean        5042

Allura        3272AW

Allura        4272ALW

Ambria        6060AW

Andiano       4872AW

Arianna       4272AW

Aspen         3672AW

Asti          3360AW

Avalon        4070 AVWP

Avalon        4072 AVA

Barret Alcove 3260 BTWP

Barrett       3666 BTAB

Barrett       3666 BTWP*

Barrett       3672 BTAB

Barrett       3672 BTWP

Barrett       4266 BTAB

Barrett       4266 BTWP

Barrett       4272 BTAB

Barrett       4272 BTWP*

Barrett Alcove 3260 BTWP

Baywood 5.0   3660 BWA

Baywood 5.0   3660BWW

Baywood 5.5   3666 BWA

Baywood 5.5   3666BWW

Baywood 6.0   3672 BWA

Baywood 6.0   3672BWW

Bexley        WC 5013

Bierko        4872BW

Brentwood     3660 BDAB

Brentwood     3660 BDWP

Brentwood     3666 BDAB

Brentwood     3666 BDWP

Brentwood     3672 BDAB

Brentwood     3672 BDWP

Brentwood     4272 BDAB

Brentwood     4272 BDWP

Brighton      4872 BTA

Brighton      4872 BTWP

BRISBANE      (36x72)

Brisbane      3672 BSWP

Bristol Bay   6060 BBA

Bristol Bay   6060BBW

Cambio        4260CW

CAMDEN        (32x59-1/2)

Camden        3260 CDWP

CASTILLE      (66x66)

Castville     6666-CW

Conti         3260CW

Covington     3866 CVWP

Covington     6060 CVA

Covington     6060 CVW

Covington R   3866

Davanti       6060DW

Elba          0 4260 EWP

Elba          R 4260 EWP

ELBA O        (42x60)

ELBA R        (42x60)

Enso          6636 ENAB*

Enso          6636 ENWP*

Enso          6642 ENAB

Enso          6642 ENWP

Enso          7236 ENAB

Enso          7236 ENWP

Enso          7242 ENAB*

Enso          7242 ENWP*

Essence       3666 ESWP

Essence       3672 ESAB

Essence       4260 ESAB

Essence       4260 ESWP*

Essence       4266 ESAB

Essence       4266 ESWP

Essence       4272 ESAB

Essence       4272 ESWP*

Europa        4272EW

Florence I    4260FW

Florence II   4272FW

Hampton       O 4268 HTWP

Hampton       R 4272 HTWP

HAMPTON O     (42x68)

HAMPTON R     (42x68)

Heathrow      4272 HAP

Heathrow      4272 HWP

Juliet 5.5    3666JW

Juliet 6.0    3672JW

Kensington    WC 5016

Lombardi      4472LW

Manchester    WC 5019

Marco         4260MW

Milano I      4860MW

Milano II     4872MW

Montclair     4272 MCA

Montclair     4272MCWP

Monte Carlo   6072MW

Nottingham    WC 5017

Nuovo I       3660NW

Nuovo II      3672NW

Palermo       5034

Portobello    90035

Reo           3660 REAB

Reo           3660 REWP*

Reo           3666 REAB

Reo           3666 REWP

Reo           3672 REAB

Reo           3672 REWP

Reo           4272 REAB

Reo           4272 REWP*

Rialto        4072RW

Roma Builder  3260RBW

Roma I        3660RW

Roma II       3672RW

Savannah      4872 SVA

Savannah      4872 SVWP

Senise        3260SW

Sensacia      4272-SC

Sienna        4272SW

Sorrento      3266SW

Stafford      4268SFWP

Surrey        WC 5011

Tivoli I      4260TW

Tivoli II     4272TW

Trevi         6060TW

Verdi         4260AW

Verona        4272VW

Victoria Falls 5032

Warwick       WC 5037/5038

Whitley       3670WLWP


PF 3260A

PF 3260 TFSA

PF 3660A

PF 3660 TFSA

PF 4260A

PF 4260 TFSA

PF 4260 OVA



PF 3672A

PF 4272A

PF 4860A

PF 4872A

PF 6060A